It’s hard to imagine a prettier view…the sun setting over the island of Lanai. And what better place to see it  from…the HONEY BUCKET! 😉

Wow! It’s been our first week on a Maui Dragonfruit Farm. We’re a bit more tanned, muscles still twinge at times and the blisters are getting better…I guess we’re toughening up, too!

Camping, digging, lugging rocks, weeding, trudging up and down hills, and aching muscles…but it hasn’t been ALL fun and games. We’ve still had time to hit the beach to relax

LuLu’s for Mai Tai’s

and the Moose for green beer

All in all, a great week!

We’ve learned a little about dragonfruit and a LOT about starting a farm from scratch; as this week’s concentration was on building an outdoor kitchen and starting the “Hales” or small Hawaiian houses so the next batch of WWOOFers will have a roof over their heads instead of a tent. It all balances out, I guess, since we got the nice shower and a tent platform the boys built the week before. 🙂

We learned that dragonfruit is a type of cactus. And we’ve found out just how tenacious weeds can be in this inhospitable, rocky soil. We never knew how quickly a blister could form when it’s been a LONG time since you held a shovel!

Here are a few WWOOF words of wisdom we’ve picked up on our first week…

  • A night in a tent in a rainy windstorm seems MUCH, MUCH longer than an ordinary night at home in my own bed.
  • NEVER underestimate the power of a weed. They may look innocent, but these little buggers dig deep and don’t want to let go!
  • It’s amazing what looks good to eat after you’ve been working hard on the farm all day…”A stale jelly donut? McDonald’s sausage biscuit left over from breakfast? Sure, I’ll eat that!” What is wrong with us??

But in the evening, when it’s quiet and all you can hear are the wild horses whinnying from the fields, the sun paints an incredible picture over the nearby island of Lanai, more stars fill the sky than one could imagine, and the Western Maui mountains behind us keep the clouds away.

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place…until it’s time to fold our achy, over-40 bodies into a tiny tent for the night 🙂



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