I have a secret I’m ashamed to admit. Having never lived in a high-rise with a view before, I’m finding daily life “on the outside” to be much more exciting than ever before. I think I might be a voyeur!

So many interesting things are going on right in front of me and I can watch it all from my window in my pj’s – with binoculars and a hi-zoom camera lens, of course.

surf (826 x 664)

The dawn patrol surfers are out on the water before my eyes are even open yet, crazy people, that water is chilly! Avid tennis players run back and forth across the courts, chasing fuzzy yellow balls. Paddlers ply the lagoon on their stand-up boards while swimmers try not to get run over mid-stroke.

tarp(912 x 684)

The family of three who live under a blue tarp in the park gives me a chance to say a prayer of thanks every morning when I look to be sure they made it through the night.

fireboat(912 x 684)

I can see it all from here and I’m enjoying it way too much. Even what’s going on in the channel is interesting. Every am, like clockwork, the Atlantis Submarines are towed toward Waikiki Beach. Battleships and Coast Guard cutters perform routine maneuvers from the nearby bases. Parasail speeders and dive boats vie for perfect position in the morning hours, while the afternoon is filled with colorful spinnaker sails.

dragon (714 x 572)

I can’t walk through the door without running to the window and grabbing the binoculars. “Look! Those people are grilling a whole pig in the park. Let’s go make friends with them.” I understand voyeurism is a disease and the first step is admitting you have a problem. I admit it – my problem is that the binoculars I have aren’t nearly strong enough.



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