In gratitude to our traveling purple octupus, Priscilla – this week’s blog is dedicated to her activities as honorary WWOOFer on the Maui Dragonfruit Farm!

She tirelessly get stuffed, stowed and rumpled in our backpacks for weeks at a time, only to emerge with the same happy face (no matter how smelly the clothes might be!)

Here is a capsule of her week’s working around the farm…

Nothing beats a morning ride on the tractor!

Time for a turn with the Weed Whacker!

   Now for the pesky chainsaw! My arms are still tired!


Sitting on the electic fence can give quite a JOLT! 🙂

Getting gloves for all eight arms is tough!

It’s my turn to help cook dinner at camp…

Checking out the Dragonfruit…it looks good!

After a long day in the fields, there’s nothing I like better than a good book and a mug of coffee!

  Check out this view…AHHH!!!

ALOHA from Maui!!

Love, Priscilla



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