P1060198We’re helping to build a school in Cambodia! AND eveyone gets a chance to win some fabulous prizes along the way! 

Passports With Purpose is a unique fund-raising idea started last year by four Seattle-area travel bloggers. They’ve enlisted the help of other travel bloggers (like us) and this year, our goal is to build a school in Cambodia by raising $13,000!

The prize donated by What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!  is the Flip Video Mino 60-Minute pocket-sized camcorder. (This was tough to donate because Lisa wanted one of her own SO much!) But it’s for a great cause! flip

By going to the web site PassportsWithPurpose.com, individuals are encouraged to donate in $10 increments toward the prize(s) of their choice. It’s in this way, $10 by $10, that will help us hit our goal of $13,000 to build that school!

All funds go directly to American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC), which is a non-profit 501(c)3 registered in the U.S., and is the organization that will oversee all aspects of building the school.

See this video from ABC News on how the program benefits school children. (Get out the tissues!)

Let’s see how much we can raise for building a school! Thank you!!



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