Beauregard House New Orleans

New Orleans! Ahhhh! Sitting out by the pool at the Beauregard House on Bourbon Street, we are in the first stages of unwinding. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement — the house selling with just 7 days on the market, the closing on April 30th, selling stuff and then packing everything we still own (not much!) into a small storage unit. Whew!

We made the trip from Tampa to New Orleans to drop off the cats with my Mom and Thom — they are adjusting to their new abode nicely, keeping us awake all night running up and down the stairs — and of course we had to stay long enough to celebrate Tom’s birthday at Galatoire’s for Friday Lunch. Yesterday was lunch at Port of Call on Esplanade…the BEST burgers and drinks. Try the Monsoon! Sitting at the bar, we were treated to two rounds of shots with our bartenders – the chocolate cake (vodka and Frangelica) served with sugared lemon wedges to taste like cake frosting is my new favorite shot!

Last night was dinner at Adolpho’s in the Marigny — wonderful Italian as always. Jazzfest is going on, so the town has lots of visitors. The lunch plan for today is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville on the outside porch for shrimp po’ boy’s and boat drinks to people-watch. New Orleans is a great city for doing that!
Tomorrow we’ll be standing in line for Galatoire’s — will share pictures from the celebration!


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