Cafe Du Monde Beignets!!

Honestly, you’d think all we do when we visit New Orleans is eat and drink. But in reality, it’s only what we do for 90% of the time…we have to get visiting, sleeping and showering in there somewhere, too!

This time we had a whole week to spend with family and friends – celebrating a wedding (more delicious food & drink!) and getting a chance to catch up after being away for so long.

There were a couple of goals. For Lisa – to find (and eat) fresh boiled crawfish while they were still in season. And for Cheryl – well, to keep as far away from the mudbugs as possible. 🙂

Here were some of our favorites…

Chili Beer @ Gato Negro…wow! HOT stuff!

Thom brings home a wonderful bag full of crawfish! YUM!!

Couldn’t resist posing the food! 😉

Doesn’t get much worse for the heart than this…a peanut butter and bacon burger at Yo’ Mama’s! OMG!! As the waitress said, if you add jalapeno’s you have “white trash thai flavor” right in your mouth!

And ALMOST as bad, was the Beaudreaux Special at Cooter Brown’s – a double crawfish pie sandwich covered in remoulade sauce!

It’s no wonder we gained five pounds. But it was SO worth it…New Orleans is the city for wonderful eats…just ask us, we DID! 🙂

Thanks to Beth Whitman and her Wanderfood Wednesday fun food showcase!



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