What is Your Dream?

In 2007 we decided to make a huge change in our lives and try to truly live our dream!  Many of you know our story – we sold almost everything we owned; a home, cars, all the toys and “stuff” you accumulate and traded it all in for a couple of backpacks and a round the world plane ticket.   Since that time, we have spent over a year and a half traveling the world – volunteering, working abroad, meeting some of the most interesting people and doing some amazing things.


Now we are back, but every day remind ourselves how blessed we are to have been given the opportunity, but more importantly, to have take taken that opportunity to pursue a passion and try to really LIVE our lives and LIVE our dream!

So, what’s next?  We want to help others live their dreams.  We are not sure how it will all work yet, but we are putting some plans in place to try to do just that.

Keep an eye out here – at What Boundaries – to learn more about the new project in our lives!

Remember to ALWAYS Live Your Dream!

Cheryl and Lisa