Coffee Cherries

Now that the last layer of dirt has been washed off and the smelly, grass-stained clothes are in the rag pile, it’s time to recap our 3rd WWOOF experience in Hawaii!

This was our very own “B&B” for “Barn & Breakfast” 🙂

Coffee Barn

Once our own breakfast was finished, it was our job to head down the driveway to the Mango Sunset B&B. There we did the breakfast dishes and made sure the rooms gleamed. Fresh flowers for the guest rooms added a nice touch…


Brilliant Coffee Beans brighten the landscape as well…

As Cheryl picks with a smile! 

Then the real farm work would begin, whether it was weed whacking, spreading fertilizer, or picking coffee cherries…there was always a job to be done!

Working as a “farm intern” at Lyman Kona Coffee Farm taught us a great deal about what it takes to make a quality cup of coffee. The perfect combination of sunshine, water, fertilizer and helping hands from the WWOOFer world!

Karen & Priscilla

 Four-Year-Old “Farm Manager” Karen keeps Priscilla company! 🙂



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