kauai5(442 x 316)
They call the island of Kauai, Hawaii “The Garden Isle”. We would call it “Island of Wonder”!

From massive canyons cut deep into the earth to spectacular soaring vistas of waterfalls and cliffs, this island paradise welcomes and enchants. A short twenty minute flight from Oahu and we stepped out into a different world.

A world where endangered Hawaiian geese called “NeNe” walk up and carry on a conversation…

kauai2 (441 x 552)

Or a fuzzy baby Wedge-Tailed Shearwater stares sleepily from┬áhis in-ground burrow…

kauai1(912 x 684)

Where spinner dolphins guide your boat into calmer waters…kauai3 (614 x 491)

And best of all, it’s a place where you can swim free with the spirits of the sea…kauai4 (490 x 393)

Kauai…a magical place!



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