humu (468 x 374)
No, that’s not a dish on the pupu platter – it’s the Hawaiian name for their state fish. “Humuhumu” is much easier to pronounce, though locals are happy to give lessons on correct pronunciation of the full name for anyone interested in listening.

Andrew Doughty of OAHU REVEALEDexplains “At first glance it seems like a nightmare. But if you read the word slowly, it is pronounced just as it looks. Humu (hoo-moo) is pronounced twice. Nuku (noo-koo) is pronounced twice. A (ah) is pronounced once. Pu is pronounced once. A’a (ah-ah) is pronounced twice. Now wasn’t that easy?”

We had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful Picasso Triggerfish up close last weekend snorkeling at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.ambay (768 x 576) The amazing array of colors on this fish – blue lips, red fins, and a golden triangle at the rear of the body – make you wonder if Picasso didn’t have a hand in this design.

Now we can pronounce at least one Hawaiian word – and we know what to look for while out in the bay with our head under the water scouting for fish!




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