Sometimes it’s fun to “re-discover” the fun in your own backyard! After traveling now for almost 3 years, we’re taking the time to treat home as if it were a new place to visit. Picking up maps and guidebooks we’d often overlooked, seeing the area with the eyes of a traveler, and not letting what’s familiar keep us from exploring.

Why would anyone want to be a tourist in their own hometown? There are no airport lines to wait in and no baggage fees, and you don’t need someone to water the plants while you’re gone. Try it! It can be lots of fun!

John’s Pass Marina

We used the excuse of having a friend visiting from England to spend the day on the water between Madeira Beach and Treasure Island, near St. Pete, Florida. Between the boardwalk and the beach, it was an amazing day of discovery. A boat trip from Hubbard’s Marina took us out to a bird nesting rookery and so many baby dolphins it was as if nursery school had just let out! 🙂


Baby Dolphins Everywhere!

Baby Pelicans on Dog Leg Key

Have you ever visited your hometown as though you were “just passing through”? It can be a fun experience and a great way to keep the fresh thrill of travel alive once you’ve returned home!



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