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  • Boo Boo Zoo

    Boo Boo Zoo

    We arrived to the greeting of roosters crowing, hens cackling at balls of fluff, an enormous pig snoring in the mud, curious glances from shy deer, and nibbles from goats of all sizes. It’s better known […]

  • Priscilla on the Farm

    Priscilla on the Farm

    In gratitude to our traveling purple octupus, Priscilla – this week’s blog is dedicated to her activities as honorary WWOOFer on the Maui Dragonfruit Farm! She tirelessly get stuffed, stowed and rumpled in our backpacks for weeks at […]

  • WWOOFing!


    We’re gonna be WWOOFers! Well, we’ve finally made the big decision of where to go once we finish up here in Oahu on March 15th… We’re going to WWOOF on Maui!! 🙂 Like many people, […]

  • Hawaiian Sunsets

    Hawaiian Sunsets

    “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky” – Rabindranath Tagore Maybe it’s because we’re only 20 degrees north of the […]

  • Volcanoes National Park

    Volcanoes National Park

    According to Hawaiian legends, the Kilauea Caldera (Halema’uma’u) in this part of the Big Island is home to the powerful goddess Pele. The crater is 3000 ft across and more than 280 feet deep! A […]

  • Kauai Wildlife

    Kauai Wildlife

    They call the island of Kauai, Hawaii “The Garden Isle”. We would call it “Island of Wonder”! From massive canyons cut deep into the earth to spectacular soaring vistas of waterfalls and cliffs, this island […]

  • Voyeurism 101

    Voyeurism 101

    I have a secret I’m ashamed to admit. Having never lived in a high-rise with a view before, I’m finding daily life “on the outside” to be much more exciting than ever before. I think […]


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