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  • Live YOUR Dream!

    Live YOUR Dream!

    What is Your Dream? In 2007 we decided to make a huge change in our lives and try to truly live our dream!  Many of you know our story – we sold almost everything we […]

  • Has it Really Been 20 years?

    Has it Really Been 20 years?

    We all have friends from high school, you know those friends that you did everything with. You laughed, cried, shared your first boyfriend/girlfriend experience with, studied, and maybe even skipped school a time or two. […]

  • Knockers


    I have a confession to make…I really like taking pictures of knockers. DOOR knockers! It drives Cheryl crazy. We’ll be walking along quiet streets in Italy, France or even Florida and I’ll spot an intriguing […]

  • Passports With Purpose

    Passports With Purpose

    We’re helping to build a school in Cambodia! AND eveyone gets a chance to win some fabulous prizes along the way!  Passports With Purpose is a unique fund-raising idea started last year by four Seattle-area […]

  • What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!

    What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!

        When two over-forty adventurers decide to sell everything and travel around-the-world, it makes for an interesting story! So far, Lisa Chavis and Cheryl MacDonald have traveled to 4 continents, 30 countries and over […]

  • Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels, Belgium

    The flight time to Brussels was only an hour and a half. However, by the time we’d taken a bus from the hostel to the main station in Killarney, onward from Killarney to Cork, and […]


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