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  • Photo of the Day

    Photo of the Day

    In South Africa on a ten week volunteer conservation expedition with Global Vision International, we had the opportunity to get darn close to this pretty lady. Though from the look in her eye, she wasn’t terribly […]

  • Night With The Maasai

    Night With The Maasai

    (TTBS) It’s not that a night spent in the Serengeti bush is any longer than a typical night somewhere else – but when your tent is sandwiched between the Maasai village cows and a pride […]

  • Cutest African Animals!

    Cutest African Animals!

    We had the opportunity to volunteer for ten weeks in S. Africa with an amazing group called Global Vision International. A typical day had us up at 4am (BIG YAWN!), scarfing down a mug (or three) of […]

  • Africa Alive!

    Africa Alive!

    Spending fifteen weeks in Africa last year was a dream come true! We volunteered for ten weeks with Global Vision International at their South Africa Venetia and Karongwe Reserves, then headed to Nairobi, Kenya. From there, we took […]


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