Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Where else in the world would a city’s “excess and eccentricity” be considered such a source of pride? Why in New Orleans, of course!

A visit to historic Jackson Square wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the famous Cafe Du Monde for a plateful of doughy, delightful, powdered sugar beignets. cafedumonde(576 x 768)

The city has a charm and grace carefully cultivated in it’s people, gardens, and magnificent balconies. And for those who enjoy savoring the culinary pleasures in life, New Orleans has honed eating and drinking to a fine art form.

One visit to this charismatic city and you’ll be hooked. New Orleans,”The City That Care Forgot”, is definitely a state of mind!

ESCAPE DRINK OF THE DAY: Absinthe at Tujague’s original stand-up bar



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